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We will try to briefly introduce our history, our values, visions and goals, which we follow in our everyday work.

Our main profile of operation is wholesale trade on ICT market. Our motto is to support our business partners, rationalize the costs and maximize the income of our contractors.

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Due to the specifics of our operation, we update our offer continuously, adapting it to the current situation on the global markets. At work, we use our knowledge and experience in analyzing the circumstances, forecasting demand and supply in such a way as to guarantee our partners the availability of merchandise as well as the most attractive price at a given moment.

Proven Products

GTX deals with wholesale distribution of computer hardware, software and consumer electronics. We've been working for many years with top producers, distributors and exporters of IT products from all over the world. Our offer includes the products of such brands as: Intel, AMD, Seagate, Samsung, WD, LG, Hitachi, Apple, Panasonic, Sony and others.

GTX Trading Brands